Igniting Leaders. Empowering Influencers. Creating Visionaries.

Igniting Leaders. Empowering Influencers. Creating Visionaries.


I’m Sandy Hansen-Wolff. One of the pivotal moments in my life was when I took a struggling feed and seed business from the brink of bankruptcy to thriving. I now take what I learned from that experience and apply it in my work entrepreneurs, business leaders, women’s groups, private conferences and the like. I have helped thousands of people ignite their passion and rediscover what it truly means to to be a leader, an empowered human and a flourishing individual.

What does this mean for the bottom line for business or for your life? How about sales growth of 200% or more, an increase in personal or company morale, and breaking down the barriers that keep us stuck when we should be thriving?

These are just some of the questions that I explore in my keynotes, workshops, and consulting services. I specialize in uncovering new ideas and insights that help you ignite passion in life and business. My true inspiration comes from my unwavering conviction that the highest results come from digging into what we already have burning inside, just waiting to be ignited into new realities.

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I began my speaking and consulting career as a result of my experiences when thrust into entrepreneurship in 2003 when my young husband of one year died of leukemia. Although always an entrepreneur at heart in my childhood and previous careers, I was left to manage the ownership and management of my late husband’s feed company, AgVenture Feed & Seed Inc. At the time, I was an insurance agent. I took over these responsibilities although I knew very little about the feed business. I was determined to keep the business going despite industry pressures and challenges with the business that was then near bankruptcy.

My tenacity to see things through and dreams of a restored and vibrant business kept me going. My story of personal tragedy and leadership in the midst of crisis became a platform for speaking and working with leaders and groups in a variety of sectors. I began speaking to businesses, employee groups, faith communities, and women’s groups, as well as being featured as a keynote at many conferences, special events, motivational seminars and the like.

I turned this new dream of sharing my story and assisting fellow business leaders into a speaking and consulting business named RockSolidMotion. I now use my name as my brand and I’ve built an even more dynamic environment to share my experiences and work hand-in-hand with other business and community leaders. More than a decade later, I remain the owner of AgVenture, a now thriving business that has grown exponentially, while I also share my passion and expertise through my speaking and consulting work.

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As a speaker, I use humor and real-life case stories of life and business lessons from my own experience. I also speak of my struggles and victories in business and personal life, so that we all might realize the power we all have to recover and live a life with renewed fulfilled dreams. I speak to a variety of audiences to motivate people to create business vision, structure and goals, reach beyond their comfort levels and old thought patterns, and live the life we know we are capable of living. With an abundance of stories and insight, my messages entertain, motivate, and enlighten the audience to create a life and business of desired results.

I love leading, working with, and partnering with people to explore and utilize the desires and passions we know are inside of us to realize higher levels of success, energy, and contentment while reaching what we once thought were unattainable goals. My goal, desire, and passion is to provide/guide you to renewed energy to analyze your own life and business situations, and look for improved methods of living life to the fullest.

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