Intuitive Strategist, Speaker, and Trainer to Leaders and Visionaries.


From Tragic Uncertainty To A Life of My Choosing.

I began my speaking and consulting career as a result of my experiences when thrust into entrepreneurship in 2003 after my young husband of one year died of leukemia. I was determined to keep the business going despite industry pressures and challenges with the business that was then near bankruptcy.

I turned around that multi-million dollar company from near bankruptcy to a successful sale and exit. Quite honestly, I made a LOT of costly mistakes and felt I needed to do everything the hard way.

Now, I integrate these key insights as the platform for my work with high-level business leaders and entrepreneurs so that they too are empowered to move from struggling to success and profitability.

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Background & Credentials

Ran a turnaround and growth multi-million dollar business for two decades & successfully exited/sold company

Education credentials include Executive Education at Harvard, Wharton and Berkeley
Accredited executive and leadership coach through International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Certified Executive Coach through Center of Executive Coaching
Executive training and experience in board governance, sustainability, ESG principles, social missions
Pricing and Negotiations strategist
Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessment Coach


How about sales growth of 200% or more, an increase in personal confidence and company morale, and breaking down the barriers that keep you stuck when you should be thriving?

I specialize in uncovering new ideas and insights that help you ignite passion in life and business.

My true inspiration comes from my unwavering conviction that the highest results come from digging into what we already have burning inside, just waiting to be ignited into new realities.

Partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs like you to help you bust through barriers (both internal and external) and reach new levels of success is why I love what I do.