The Hidden Workplace Epidemic – The Role of Grief & Loss in our Culture

In recent years, our world has undergone unprecedented changes, and with these changes, we have experienced profound losses. The COVID-19 pandemic not only took a toll on our physical health but also reshaped our lives in many ways.  As a motivational speaker and leadership development coach, I have observed a hidden epidemic that has quietly crept into our culture – … Read More

Imposter Syndrome’s Roots of Guilt & Shame

Root out the Guilt and Shame of Imposter Syndrome  Lately, I have been hearing a lot of talk about “imposter syndrome.” This concept is not a new buzz word – in fact, it has been around for ages.  According to an article in Psychology Today, psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes coined this term over 40 years ago. … Read More

The Day I Cried On The Big Stage

When I work with businesses to help them become more creative, the first thing I address is how inhibited we all are by our fears. “Get past them”, I’ll say, “and you will reveal your innate creativity”. But I’ll admit, I have been afraid myself. I’ve been afraid that the very idea I’m most interested purveying is so obvious and … Read More

You CAN Pivot Against All Odds

Do you need to pivot right now in any area of your life? Are you ready to reach for new heights in your career or business? Earlier this month I was a guest on Club E where I spoke about Pivoting Against All Odds. Here is a video of the interview with Rick Brimacomb so you can watch it in … Read More

Find the Urgent Missing Link in Strategic Planning

“I don’t get where you’re going with this concept. How will we come to align our goals by the end of the day?” Robert, (not his real name) is looking slightly bemused during the tea break. Robert’s comments are not surprising. I’ve been told many times that my style of facilitating a strategic planning day is unique. I smile and … Read More