The Magic of Intuitive Leadership (Part 1)

If there are two words that make mainstream business leaders cringe when spoken, magic and intuition are among the top. As a visionary who believes that our words, intentions and dreams are necessary and honored pieces of creating a business venture, I’ve often been scoffed for bringing any sort of “woo woo” talk into my leadership conversations. My response is … Read More

Planting a New Way Forward

This CEO didn’t expect to have to save her husband’s company after surviving his loss. “There are many days that I wish my story wasn’t my story, but it’s also led me to the beautiful life I have today.” – Sandy Hansen-Wolff Randy Hansen jotted down some notes before he died. Bank account information. Contact numbers. Vague directions for his … Read More

Enduring Tough Times

As we all know, there are seasons in our lives that call for us to merely just endure a hardship. Living and surviving take constant effort, hard work and redirection to ensure we are keeping up with world changes, our work life and the stress that come with tragedy, loss or, perhaps, the fact that life looks different than what … Read More


Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ~ Helen Keller We now know that true healing exists. Going through the tough process of healing is key. As Helen Keller’s quote suggests, we know that trial and suffering have strengthened us to be ready for healing to begin. We search … Read More


A wise business mentor of mine always suggests that I ask myself and others questions opening with the phrase “I wonder.”  This seems so simple yet, in the age of technology where we have instant access to answers, our curiosity is rarely piqued.  Our sense of wonder and imagination of what could be has been replaced by quick access to … Read More

Understanding the “DO MORE!” Voice

Do You Hear What I Hear?! There’s a quiet voice that seems to be common in the minds of entrepreneurs and all motivated people who fall into the category of wanting to do more with their personal and professional lives. This voice suggests that we aren’t doing enough to be successful, that we should be working more even in times … Read More