How to Set Your Mindset to Quantum Success During Sales Negotiations – Part 1

We sealed the deal and know that we left money on the table – or maybe we didn’t even realize that our new customer would have bought anyway. If we only understood how much money we were giving up each time we cut our pricing to gain business.

What if we set our mindset on “quantum” success and our pricing matched? Quantum, in this context, means that we’ve fully maximized our opportunity – to seemingly insurmountable amounts. This notion seems ridiculous. Mostly, because we are so conditioned to undervaluing our worth, our time and our expertise. We work twice as hard as we need to because we want business – at the expense of our financial success, lifestyle, family and, most often, our physical health as it relates to work and stress overload.

Now we create a new path, a new perspective and a new structure for our pricing and negotiation strategy. If there is one soap-box area that I have with all of my clients, it is maximizing our pricing – to QUANTUM levels. My clients walk away with contracts and clients that match their expertise, a rock star mindset about their value and their bottom line success that is double, triple, or, in most cases, exponential amounts more than they ever dreamed. These are real numbers and real profits are the result.

Pricing and negotiating on quantum levels creates net profits. That is profits that IMMEDIATELY GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE NET PROFITS! That fact is enough to light anyone’s fire. Take a look at your bottom line net profits. What does a 50%, 100% or even a 500% increase in net profits mean for your lifestyle – without doing more work or gaining more clients? We are merely going to revamp our pricing structure and negotiate with ease, clarity and conviction of our true worth.

Here are a few powerful points that I utilize with my clients to reach these quantum pricing success levels:

Owning your MOJO and Your Worth

We’ve worked hard to gain our expertise. Why do we feel like we aren’t good enough and we don’t have enough expertise? Why do we feel we should charge less than our competition even when we know we’d do a better job and produce a more successful outcome? Why do we walk away feeling like we are going to do a lot of work and aren’t getting paid for what we offer – again?

We’ve been conditioned to undervalue ourselves. That stops right now! We can provide deals without giving away our knowledge and time. My clients, after walking through practices to really discover how much they really know, step into their power. They use their newly realized worth to create massively successful and profitable outcomes. They are happy and their clients are happy. Now it’s your turn. Once we understand our competence and capabilities, our confidence soars and is the base for these successful outcomes.

This scenario could be you. It’s possible for everyone. The first step is owning your brilliance and marketing your confidence. On massive levels!

Understanding BUY Signs

The client has already decided to buy – but we had no clue. We kept giving discounts and kept negotiating when the deal was already done. This scenario happens all the time and at high costs in lost profit. We missed their language and buy signals once again.

When a potential buyer comes to you and tells you that you were a little higher than the competition, they want to buy from you. Believe this to be truth. They wouldn’t come back to you if they didn’t want to make the deal with you. At this point, all that is necessary to do is listen to their concerns, stand firm in your pricing difference and recap the extra value that will be realized in working with you.

The buyer may also be talking in language that, if you take time to notice, will tell you that they already decided to buy from you. They will speak words like “When we work together …”, “What would be the next step after our initial work …” and they will also share all of their future plans and ideas with you. Once you are their confidant, know that you are their choice. This is a place of respect and honor. You are in the driver’s seat and must stick to high moral standards to make the deal a win-win for both sides.

Next week we will complete the process by looking at Making Concessions, Standing Strong in our Value and Closing the Deal.

This is a hot topic for conferences and consulting work! Ready to create a platform for QUANTUM pricing for your business? Do you know that you are leaving money on the table due to uncertainty of how to increase your pricing structure? I’m ready to speak to your group. Let me partner with you and set an optimized plan that will be a win-win for you and your clients. Reach out to me and we will create this plan in short order. If you pick one area that will directly impact your profits, pick pricing. Let’s get this work done and start realizing the immediate results to your bottom line!

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