Stuck? Overwhelmed? Experiencing Burnout? Intuitive Strategy is the New Superpower for Business Success

When you observe people around you, what do you see?  Do you see people who are at peace with themselves, calm and happy? Or do you see people who are experiencing extreme burnout and feelings of being completely overwhelmed by their circumstances?

I see many people struggling. Interestingly, even some highly successful people may have this sense, in the deepest part of their heart and soul, that something is off. They do not have the tools or the guide to easily elevate them out of their misery. They have not found that missing link yet.

How about you? Do you also have that nagging voice, telling you that something is missing?


I have been a dreamer, a visionary, and a sensory person for as long as I can remember. As a young child, those qualities did not always sit well.  I certainly did not see myself as the most popular person or one of the “cool” kids. I remember times when I was mystified, asking, “Why do my fellow classmates think this way?” Sometimes it felt as if I was living life in a misty haze – an uncertain and unknown fog. Was I in a dreamland of my own, or was this reality?

These feelings stayed with me throughout my childhood, during my teenage years, and even into my early adulthood. On the one hand, there was an acute awareness that I had this most amazing life. My parents, my friends, my family, my opportunities – everything was incredible. On the other hand, I felt that there was something I still needed to discover.

Something about my life wasn’t quite matching my energy and my passion. This nagging feeling extended to the work I did, and most of all, to how I was finding my own way, by my own means, in this world.

Can you relate to this feeling?  You know something more is burning on the inside, and yet, you do not know how to capture it.


Decades later, I would often reflect on the many areas of my life – the successes, the tragedies and failures, and the amazing opportunities I have had. Some of the events that had occurred in my life, I can only describe as miraculous!

It was during one such contemplative session that I  had my big a-ha moment.  I realized what the nagging little voice was trying to tell me all these years!

It was my ability, or at times, the lack thereof, to tap into my intuition and use it for real-life success in my personal and professional relationships.

When I look back, I had (unknowingly) used that intuitive nudge over the last three decades of my professional life. Being involved in various careers, embracing a myriad of opportunities, and taking on leadership roles, it has always been a part of me.

However, it has not been until recently that I have started to unapologetically embrace and speak of that intuitive side. That has been my magic and sweet sauce for how I have built my businesses, and how I have restored my life. When I had this awakening, my a-ha moment, I soon realized that the alignment between my passion areas and my goals is what makes the real miracles happen.

I know, talking about miracles or magic may seem like a bunch of woo-woo to many people. However, I have discovered that there is tangible and scientific proof that supports the idea of using our intuition, (and those nudges,) and aligning them with our passion and our vision to expedite success in all areas of our lives.


What happens when we grasp this concept? For starters, we can look forward to improved relationships. We achieve accelerated results. We experience that overall feeling that, even though it may not logically make sense, it just feels right too. We have found the missing link!

My newfound intuitive, strategic platform is now front and center to everything I do. Whether in my personal relationships with friends or family, or on a professional level with my clients, I am tuned in to that inner nudge. I am intentionally listening to other people and listening to those little voices that I hear. I do this, because I have learned that they are my guides, leading me on the right path.

After many years of agonizing about figuring out “what is missing,” I am grateful for this beautifully restored path and life that I have. Now I teach and lead and team up with the most brilliant entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and other professionals.


As I step into my unapologetic and open platform of telling people that I am a business intuitive, and that I use intuitive strategy, I have seen a few raised eyebrows. That is when I tell them about my task-oriented side – the one that knows how to set and reach goals.

I have always believed that the only difference between a big dream and a miracle, are the action steps in-between.

I have run multimillion-dollar companies as well as start-ups. I use what I have learned about business, leadership, professional development, and executive coaching, and I combine it with what I have always been interested in. It is in that intuitive development, that knowing and alignment, where I reach most success and fulfilment. The beauty is that this ability is already within all of us. The trick is, very few have learned to develop it as the core and the magic key to what we have been missing. It is really that simple.


What happens in the lives of my clients and other leaders that I am so humble to work with now? I am thrilled to say that, by embracing this concept of aligning intuitive nudges, (your passionate areas) with the goals and direction we want to set, miracles happen. It creates this almost instantaneous path to freedom from addiction to freedom of feeling overwhelmed, to freedom from the burnout that we have all been experiencing.

We know these feelings so well, and yet we continue to strive, we continue to burn the midnight oil, and we continue to go down paths that are destructive for, not only our health, but our personal, our family, and our professional lives in the long term. We have all watched the sinking demise of colleagues, friends, and family. We have seen people living a life that is not fitting for them, but they do it, because that is the life the world thinks they should lead.

Maybe we have done that ourselves…

Well, those times are over. There is a new world. There is a new earth, and there is a new paradigm for doing business.

I am your guide to help you expedite your journey to freedom and get to those elevated paths quickly, with joy, and with ease. Once and for all you will overcome those old mindsets, those old stories, and those old beliefs that have kept you on the hamster wheel of endless hours, with little more than mediocre results.


If you are ready for a life and a career that you know is burning inside of you, yet you do not know how to identify it, now is your time. Do this work and step up and connect to your intuition. When you connect to your inner brilliance, you connect to all that is ready for you. It is time to let go of the struggle to define what that nudge really is.

It is my core passion to not only build my own companies, but to elevate others to do the same. For example, during my VIP sessions, I can guide the most brilliant leaders and professionals from very stuck, miserable points of their lives to reach breakthrough results – with only a few hours of work.

How do we do it?

We shift mindsets when we tap into discovering what they already have. I can see that path.  I take their sphere of influence where they are now and multiply that, by universal measures to get them to the real elevated path that they have waiting for them. And the breakthrough happens there.

The world needs your light. The world needs you to be full of energy, to be full of enthusiasm, and to be motivated. A new platform of how you do your business daily, and how you set your goals, is waiting for you.


So, if this resonates with you, now is the time, let us get started!

I am so excited for you. My desire is to teach you all the lessons I have learned the hard way. There is a different way, an easier way. You and your teams can be flourishing, be more profitable, and have better outcomes in every area of your life, while experiencing more freedom, more ease, and more joy in your daily work. It is possible.

The key is  e Intuitive Strategy Blueprint. It took me half my life to figure this out, and now I am able to teach it to you in a short span of time.

Gone are the days of long strategic plans that last a year in the boardroom. Gone are the days of following strategy on a five-year map because things are shifting too quickly. Now is the time for that new platform of The Intuitive Strategy Blueprint. We still plan, we still execute, we still have action. Yet, we come to realize that the only difference between a big dream and reality, are those action steps in-between. When those action steps are aligned with your dormant intuitive abilities, they come to life – and the results are exponential.


Does this sound too wonderful to be true?  We are so conditioned to believe that great achievements are only attainable at great (personal) cost.  If I have piqued your curiosity, I invite you to give this a try. I encourage you to trust me. When I get hired by teams, businesses, or one-to-one coaching clients, I tell them: I team up with you. I do not tell you what to do. I am one of your team members. I am on your side. I want to see the vision of your future with you. I want to intuitively guide you towards what is right for you, your team, and your life as a whole.

It is time that the brilliant leaders become even more brilliant. In using the new paradigms of work that are available to us, we can do it. This is a new paradigm, away from striving, away from the endless hours and the worn-out feeling that you have at the end of the day. Away from a live where your family and the things that are most important to you get little attention. A new life, a new career, and a new platform of success is available for you as an individual, for your teams, and for your companies. So let us dive in, let us bring our best to the world while we balance out the rest.

Let us get started!


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