The Magic of Intuitive Leadership (Part 1)

If there are two words that make mainstream business leaders cringe when spoken, magic and intuition are among the top. As a visionary who believes that our words, intentions and dreams are necessary and honored pieces of creating a business venture, I’ve often been scoffed for bringing any sort of “woo woo” talk into my leadership conversations. My response is always one of confidence in my ability to create success and profitability out of ideas. It’s what I do best and it’s where my passion lies.

The intersection of great business strategy, setting the big dream and, ultimately, bringing in our intuitive, gut instinct nudges is what creates the “magical” results. These results are real in terms of money, business growth, happiness and synergies that create even larger opportunities to open. I’ve witnessed the seemingly magical outcomes in all of my own business ownership ventures as well as in my leadership coaching, consulting, speaking and in my leadership group work.  This intersection is so amazing to watch as leaders, all of a sudden, lighten up and become ignited to action. This is the magic of Intuitive Leadership! Really, I feel like moonwalking in joy!

Stuck Points

Most of my work, either as a speaker or as a coach/consultant, begins when leaders are at stuck points. Many times, I hear that their team or the leader themselves is stuck and lack a missing element to break away from being in the trenches. The missing link is difficult to identify. There is something more and we fail to put a finger on that mysterious tidbit that would spiral us forward to the excitement we once had with our vision. That missing link is ensuring that our goals, the huge strategy map and business plan created to launch the vision and the work we are doing daily is aligned and feels right with our intuition and instincts. This seems like hocus pocus to many. My advice is to try pausing for a moment to consider whether everyone feels positive energy behind the idea and strategic plan. In every stuck point, 100% of the time, the goals we set lack the “Yes – this feels right!” nod.

The Ignition – Creating the Plan

Once we embrace the notion that our best-developed plans need our excitement in the big “Yes!”, we reach an ignition point. We are ignited to action. From this aligned energy and enthusiasm in knowing that we are on the right path, creation of the strategic direction becomes seemingly effortless. I’m a believer in the flow versus force concept. When our intuition and gut instincts match our passion and big ideas, business growth and leaders flourish. Watch for yourself as an experiment in human behavior. When people are happy, when your team is flourishing, you know that you are on the right path. You have clarity. Everyone is alive and ignited in the fire of energy necessary to launch and build a successful, profitable trajectory.

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Cheers to dreaming beyond imagination and success beyond measure!



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