A wise business mentor of mine always suggests that I ask myself and others questions opening with the phrase “I wonder.”  This seems so simple yet, in the age of technology where we have instant access to answers, our curiosity is rarely piqued.  Our sense of wonder and imagination of what could be has been replaced by quick access to information.


The beginning of a new year is the time when many reflect on happenings of the past year and begin to set a vision for the New Year.  We look forward to new beginnings as well as to letting go of those habits, decisions or other parts of our lives that have held us back from our true desires.  Perhaps I ponder more than most since I find myself reflecting on these wonders of it all throughout the year.  It is with great fascination that I sit at my desk and admire the dynamics of my work, as well as in the clients who place their trust in me.  Also, I am in awe of my dedicated staff who believe in the crazy visions that are brought to them for consideration.   This fascination continues when I consider the wonder of all that has been given to me to fill my life with overflowing blessings, opportunities and amazing people that support and believe in what we do.

Overwhelming emotion often fills my thoughts of wonder as I consider some of the fears and hurdles I once had in more uncertain times that have now been replaced by gratitude, vision and a hopeful future.  No doubt, there are many times that we contemplate what is next for our businesses, lives and loved ones.  Certainly, we experience days when our thoughts turn to that of wondering if all of our efforts are worth it in the end.  Sitting in wonder and living with the unknowns in life is indeed an uncomfortable feeling.  I recall many times that I knew it was going to take one of those crazy visions to work for my efforts to be successful.  Perhaps my wise mentor is correct – opening our thoughts to just consider the possibilities or the wonder of everything is more important than finding immediate answers.


As you consider your goals for the New Year, I invite you to take time to sit and think about the wonder of all things in your lives – your family, friends and your own successes in your work, in your lives and beyond.  It is when we are able to stand in awe of the little things that we can answer the question of “What if this is all there is?” with a sense of contentment in knowing we are on the right paths. Let’s make the New Year the year that you ignite that dream, desire and passion you already have burning on the inside.

What is your dream? What is holding you back from achieving the goal you’ve set long ago? What will your life look like when you take that crazy vision and place some action steps behind the idea? I’d love to hear your answers. I believe in the power we all have to create magical results in our work and personal lives. I already know you have the skills and ambition to create awesome results and launch these dreams into reality.

Need assistance in creating a path to make your dream a reality? Send me a message and to receive a half-hour visioning session. Limited space available.

Cheers to dreaming beyond imagination and success beyond measure!



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