Understanding the “DO MORE!” Voice

Do You Hear What I Hear?!

There’s a quiet voice that seems to be common in the minds of entrepreneurs and all motivated people who fall into the category of wanting to do more with their personal and professional lives. This voice suggests that we aren’t doing enough to be successful, that we should be working more even in times when our calendars are swamped with commitments, and that the results should be coming in quicker and on a more massive scale. Called the “Do More” voice, it suggests that we are always falling short in some of our efforts. If only we could accomplish more and work harder, we’d create the results we hear this voice whispering to us. Many motivated people (by nature at least) always feel like they should be doing more. It seems to be a common factor in the drive to succeed—or not give up.

The result of living in this vicious cycle of doing more is burnout, high levels of stress, anxiety, frustration, a flare-up of bad habits, and an overall lack of finding any joy and contentment in life. We lose sight of the present moment and fail to see the beauty in each day. Furthermore, we bypass acknowledging the work we’ve done, progress that has been made, results realized, and victories won.

Keys to Workin’ With that Voice

The keys to breaking free from this “Do More” mindset trap are simple, yet extremely effective. First of all, one of the best practices we can do is merely acknowledge the thoughts spinning in our minds, gain awareness of these unspoken nudges, and work either to reframe them as quickly as possible, or at least honor them and let them pass. The second key is to slow down and, in some cases, place the project or goal on hold for awhile in order to gain clarity. Indeed some of the best ideas and best work can come when we walk away from an intense drive to create something larger in scale. No doubt, forcing a result usually is the start of chaos and journeying down a path to unwanted and often disastrous circumstances. The results we seek often come after a time of respite from these intense drives.

Consider the “Do More” voices in your own mind. What areas are you being called to act on? What expectations do you need to shift in order to feel more accomplished, free, contented, and joyful? Who do you need to incorporate into your business or personal life as a trusted advisor to support your goals? What action do you need to take?

In addition to asking the above questions, finding partners and trusted advisors to assist in your vision for large goals is also an essential step. Going it alone is an idea of the past.(That’s why Emerging Women created Power Circles!) The new business environment calls for co-creating through relationships and teams—by building networks of qualified professionals to support and enhance your efforts. Lastly, understanding and setting realistic expectations for our lives, both personally and professionally, will allow us to feel accomplished in all areas and see the opportunities, successes, and results that are in front of us at all times in the present.



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