Challenges require strategy, solutions and results. In many cases, the challenges seem too insurmountable to tackle on your own. As a business visionary, I step into your shoes and your business – because I’ve been there. I’m a consultant who hasn’t just studied entrepreneurship, business, leadership and success strategies, I live it each day. I’m the sole owner of two companies that have gone from start-up and the brink of bankruptcy to turn-around financial and sales growth. I now devote my time to joining with other entrepreneurs and leaders so that your success path launches in expedited fashion and avoids the traps I experienced through hardship and disappointing results. Together, we work through challenges, create a larger vision and brainstorm actionable steps for surpassing your goals.

Is your business at a turning point? Do you have big ideas and need a trusted advisor to assist and guide the process of building action steps?  Are you tired of trying to “go it alone” and are searching for a creative and professional confidante with whom to partner in order to realize your goals?  I’m your idea accelerator, your expert listener, your collaborative facilitator, your visionary strategist and your partner in taking your business to the next level.

As a business entrepreneur at heart, I thrive when serving as a business visionary for individuals, executives, companies and organizations that desire the support and guidance to uncover and resolve a big road block, work through challenges, accelerate innovate processes and define the action steps needed to grow, to launch that big idea and to experience higher levels of success and profitability.

I assist with strategic planning, leadership, employee success, and more – and I do it with respect, compassion and grace. I build confidence, listen, and honor the emotions and roadblocks that inevitably come up as you collaborate to achieve your goals.

My coaching & consulting services include:

  • Executive, leader, and entrepreneur one-to-one coaching & mentoring
  • Facilitation: event, meeting, group work, planning
  • Pricing, sales & negotiation strategy
  • Turn-around management & strategy
  • Brainstorming & visionary process
  • Personal life goal setting & coaching
  • Creative problem-solving management
  • Leadership workshops
  • Workplace wellness initiatives
  • Advisory board member
  • Women in business consulting

I also offer peer leader, executive, entrepreneur and mastermind groups. I create a confidential and inviting environment for you and your peers to come together in a roundtable setting that promotes mutual growth, the sharing of ideas, and encouragement from one-another. Why reinvent the wheel when there are people just like you who have overcome similar challenges through brilliant corporate thinking? The most effective environment for creating quick and lasting results includes a neutral professional to guide discussion, lead group thinking processes and build teams to the next level.

Whether you are taking your business to a new level, or dealing with unexpected or overwhelming challenges, I assist you in creating the ideal action plan to reach your goals. Contact mto learn more and schedule a free discovery call.

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