The Magic of Intuitive Leadership (Part 2)

This is part 2 of The Magic of Intuitive Leadership. I recommend you read Part 1 first to follow the sequence of this journey here.

The Breakthrough

We’ve all experienced the rush of adrenaline when we experience a breakthrough. These occurrences happen in our personal lives and well as in our professional careers – sometimes both at the same time. These breakthrough points feel magical and almost miraculous in nature. We are elated! We feel alive and invincible. It is in these moments that I encourage you to pause and analyze what happened to create these amazing results. Guaranteed, we can go back to the fact that our dream, our big vision was completely aligned with a positive energy and complete confidence in our next steps to successful outcomes. We knew, from the beginning, that the goals and vision set matched with what we were feeling was correct on an intuitive, instinctual level. Although we may have spent countless hours and resources getting to this breakthrough point, we now feel that the process was effortless and fun.

The Alternative Path

For many, intuition and instinct in business strategy is more dreamy than realistic. We honor these thoughts too. However, think back to when your plans or goals fell apart in dramatic ways. Recall times when your plan of action resulted in huge financial losses, unhappy employees, miserable results or complete failure. No doubt, we can double back to a time when we made decisions that we knew, at the onset, felt off or wrong. We went against the internal nudges and forged ahead to the disaster that ensued. In most cases, we retract to beginning steps and have to start our strategic planning and goal setting from the beginning. We soon realize that the missing elements were the big “Yes” intuitive nudges. The goals seemed like they should work in our logical minds so we trudged forward and forced a direction. Here is where we bow to the importance of intuitive alignment in business. Surely, magical outcomes feel better than lost revenues and lost time.

Embracing the Intersection of Intuition and Strategy

Perhaps it’s time for us to consider the effortless and, yes, magical outcomes created in honoring our intuition in our goal setting for our lives and our business ventures. If you are still doubting, why not give it a try? The next time you or your team are feeling like you are at a stuck point, pause and ask:

“Does this goal, this action step or this strategy feel right?”

If the answer is yes, continue with the resolve that you are on the right path. If the answer is a resounding no, follow up with a pause to ask:

“Knowing that this goal doesn’t feel right, what details do we need to adjust, omit or completely revamp?”

Getting to the root of what details feel off may take some discernment and time. However, sticking with this process until you have clarity is key. Again, try this process. You will see for yourself that building successful outcomes when aligned with instinctual awareness places us in the flow of even better and grander outcomes. Indeed, there are some magical elements in intuitive leadership!

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Cheers to dreaming beyond imagination and success beyond measure!


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