Three Simple Strategies for “If Only Weight Loss was Fun & Easier!” Thoughts

What is the connection between reaching your business goals and going on a diet?

Leaders come to me with a big business goal at first and then realize that we have to work on the health/weight loss component in tandem. Through tears and tough chats, we discover that old eating habits and sabotage are getting in the way of the life they know they could be living. This is a life free of the addiction to food and the minimized results of being “weighed down” by the unhealthy choices we are making.

Are you tired of looking at your weight loss and health goals only to feel defeated yet again? Does your eating and less-than-healthy habits affect your ability to be at your best as a leader and executive? You are not alone! As a coach to leaders and executives, I’ve discovered the desperate need for a no-nonsense program for taking off excess weight without feeling stressed, disappointed, and like it’s another big initiative to add to our workload.

My top passion is igniting others to the life they know that is waiting for them. This weight loss segment, although unplanned, includes weight loss strategies through no nonsense, simple, and practical solutions – much different than the unattainable or “magic-bullet” ideas that’s a big component of the diet industry. I use a platform of joy, ease, and love for ourselves rather than beating ourselves up with the next diet.

I KNOW this is the program for leaders and everyone else who wants to exit the trap of weight and food addiction. How do I know? I’ve seen the breakthroughs and seemingly magical results. More importantly though, I’ve LIVED this myself. I grew up as the “fat kid” and had over 100 pounds excess weight to lose in my early adulthood. After over two decades of the yo-yo diets, I had had enough and knew it was time for a shift in strategy. I resolved to dial in for myself and start helping others do the same.

Here are some starting strategies for you to consider. Remember, simple works, complicated fails!

Strategy One: It’s Time to Quit Quitting on Yourself!

Picture the scene…

You start yet another diet. You see results. You feel confident that this time you’ll conquer your old habits. The scale reports great news every morning. You are joyful and your confidence soars. Then, all of a sudden, something draws you in and the sabotage starts. You eat a huge meal and feel horrible. One over-indulging meal leads to the next. At that point you quit, yet again. You feel more disappointed than ever before. You become resigned to the fact that you are meant to be overweight forever. Is this your story?

I teach people to quit quitting when they have a sabotage event. We are human and we will make imperfect choices. What we need, more than quitting, is a new resolve to jump right back into our healthier choices and recover. What if quitting for good wasn’t an option? What could your results be? I’ll tell you; this resolve is the first key. A life-long mindset seems almost too easy. The weight loss happens – seemingly effortlessly!

Strategy Two: Rediscover Hunger & Fullness

The snacking industry, although I love so many wonderful snacks, has lead us to believe that we need to snack constantly. After all, you’ll ruin your metabolism if you go hungry for too long, right? I’d bought into this idea too. The result is that we don’t even know what hunger feels like anymore since we never let ourselves feel this in our body.

Many people fear being hungry. “What if I don’t have food around when I need to eat?”  In reality, being hungry for an hour or two will not diminish our body’s ability to shed pounds. I am not a trained medical or health professional, and I know many will disagree with me on this point. That’s fine. What I know for myself, and those I coach, is that our constant snacking is leading to more metabolism and weight gain challenges than vice versa.

The simple solution is to wait for the hunger. Even if the clock tells you it is lunchtime, wait until you really feel hungry. We have to rediscover our body’s natural ability to fuel ourselves. The second part is eating enough so that you are full – not stuffed. We’ve all been told by our parents to finish everything that’s on our plate, not so? Well, stick to that rule, it’s OK. However, cut down on the portion size of ever item on your plate. You will take in enough fuel to get you to your next meal – which likely will be at least four hours later. If you listen intently to your body, it will tell you when it’s time to eat again. Try it – the weight will start dropping off your body and your entire health will start improving.

Strategy Three: Declare Your Goals & Find an Accountability Partner

We’ve often heard it takes at least thirty days to start a new habit and dispel the old. As humans, our resolve becomes weak – even with the best intentions. Keeping a goal private is often our safe way to quit when the challenges are too daunting. It is easy to only disappoint ourselves. However, writing your goals down, sharing them with someone you trust, and finding an accountability partner is essential for success..

An accountability partner will be there for you when you’ve had a bad day. They will be your guide when you feel like quitting on yourself, yet again. This time, you have a trusted and compassionate partner to guide you back towards your goal. They will remind you that you will mess up, again and again, but that the option to quit is off the table. Here lies the honorable role I get to play with those who work with me. The results that we reach together make me celebrate with outstretched arms!

Are you ready to work on your business goals as well as your health and weight loss goals? Do you want to conquer the saboteurs that are keeping you from living your best life?  It is time to make weight loss something you enjoy rather than despise! Contact me to learn more about my one-to-one coaching as well as my private, virtual group platforms. New groups start soon!

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