Sometimes, the best way to dream and work towards your goals is to get out of your everyday environment and turn off the distractions that come with a routine. Workshops and retreats are powerful tools for reaching new heights in business and in life.

One of my passions is working with small groups of women, men, leaders or executives who need a little help getting to their next level.


  • Ignite your Fire! Aligning passion into your life’s work
  • Leadership to the Max. Alignment, communication, engagement.
  • It’s Your Time! Taking Action on your burning desires
  • The Empowered Woman. Leaving stress, disappointments and chaos behind to re-ignite happiness, clarity and wellness.
  • Balance in the Midst of Chaos. Thriving under extreme pressure.
  • The Magical Combination: Mind, Body and Spirit alignment for optimal living
  • Vision is Everything and the Only Thing. Achieving awesome results in business and life
  • Power Brainstorming for Action Plans
  • Turn-Around Strategy

The topics listed above are just examples of the broad range of topics that I can incorporate into workshops and retreats for groups of all sizes. Contact mto learn more.

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