I specialize in uncovering new ideas and insights that help you ignite passion in life and business. My true inspiration comes from my unwavering conviction that the highest results come from digging into what we already have burning inside, just waiting to be ignited into new realities.



Sometimes, the best way to dream and work towards your goals is to get out of your everyday environment and turn off the distractions. Workshops and retreats are powerful tools for reaching new heights in business and in life through inspiring and high-value, content rich topics such as:

  • Quantum Success Models: Aligning your intuition, team and business for quick successes in changing times.
  • The Magic Matrix: Intuitive & Emotional Intelligence for Changing Times
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Teams & Workplaces – Assessment & Analysis in Action
  • Leadership Re-Imagined for Changing Times
  • Women Entrepreneurship – Empowering Next Level Growth & Success
  • Maximized Pricing and Negotiations for Key Leaders & Owners
  • Career Transitions – Discovering What’s Next & Making the Leap
  • New Business Paradigms – Implementing New Age Principles for Success
  • Rediscovering joy in your work and life
  • Transcending Loss, Tragedy & Turbulent Times
  • Aligning your Inner Desires with Success Strategies
  • Leadership & Team Wellness in Overwhelming Circumstances
  • Mindfulness Maximizer: Creating Mindset shifts for Flourishing & Success

Most popular retreat/workshop topics include:

  • Above the Summit: Aligning Ideas into Quick Clarity & Elevated Goals
  • Take a Break!: Overcome overwhelm, burnout & reignite your energy, vision, goals and life
  • Finding the New Path: Development new initiatives for changing times
  • Wellness VIP Retreat – reground, regroup, rest, have fun, lively discussions
  • Mindfulness for Leaders: Re-Inventing our old stories to create alignment
  • Intuitive Development Retreat: Realizing the intuitive powers for leadership & business success
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Kind Words from Attendees

“During the last day of class for this session, we each had to say something that we had gotten out of the session. There were six different people who said that your presentation was the one thing that had the most impact on them all week. Look at all the positive impacts that you made in one evening!”


Business Owner

“Anyone can just stand up there and talk, but you actually had [people in the audience] see they weren’t alone. You offered them hope and compassion and a light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you … Thank you … Thank you!”


Catholic Charities

“Sandy’s story was very impactful and moving. The audience could relate both to her experience and connect it to their own grief experience. There was a wonderful openness for people to reflect on their own story and to know it was alright however they were dealing with their own feelings.”


Life Transitions Services

Signature Retreat, Workshop & Keynote Topics

Each topic can be booked for a keynote, breakout session, full or half-day workshop or a multiple day retreat.

Igniting Quantum Success: Capturing Exponential Growth

What if growth means huge leaps instead of incremental results? Breakaway success is yours for the taking. With bravery and bold moves, your success can move from present levels of achievement to one that is several steps higher – directly and exponentially. This session creates a platform for rethinking and multiplying outcome potential. Explore what possibilities exist when the vision is quantum in perspective.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Evaluation and assurance that your vision is large enough
  • New behaviors and mindsets to radical success
  • A leap into the unfamiliar
  • A clear focus on what you want to accomplish – create a vivid picture

Emotional Intelligence

Enhance how you and your staff connect, communicate and collaborate by developing the skills of emotional intelligence inside and outside the workplace.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Evaluation and assurance that your vision is large enough
  • New behaviors and mindsets to radical success
  • A leap into the unfamiliar
  • A clear focus on what you want to accomplish – create a vivid picture

The Bust Through Mind: Thriving with a Bust Through Mindset

You’re stuck and need a breakthrough. What does next-level mean for you? Does it mean increased sales, improved management, and employee morale? Is it a happier and more content personal life? Whatever it is, this session is designed to help you bust through whatever is keeping you from going from just surviving to thriving!

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Identification of old beliefs, stories, and mindsets that are stalling progress and results
  • Insight and actionable steps that you can take RIGHT AWAY to make your breakthrough a reality
  • A strategy for moving past the things that are keeping you stuck in business and in life
  • The bravery to launch your personal and professional goals to create your own breakthrough

It’s Your Time: Take the Leap!

You’ve had a new idea in your mind for a long time. You feel it, you know it’s time and now you are ready to take action. The world is ready for you – your awesomeness is needed!  You are tired of feeling stalled in your life and career. IT’S YOUR TIME! Sometimes all we need is permission to launch. This topic is for everyone who has ever felt dissatisfied with life and the choices they’ve made. Let’s take a look at starting points to finally take the leap with bravery and conviction that breakthroughs, contentment, and success are only one leap away!

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • A platform for discovering what fears are holding you back
  • Strategies to take those underlying fears and use the energy to gain momentum
  • Simple action steps to take and start on your journey to your newly recreated life path
  • Support from peers who will walk alongside you as you take the leaps

Balance in the Midst of Chaos: Unbalanced Balance Mindsets

Maybe your chaos is trying to find workplace balance or maybe your chaos is simply the day-to-day management of personal and professional life. Life balance happens when we accept imperfections and embrace the “whole” perspective of our careers and personal lives on a unified front. Unbalanced Balance is the new mindset for feeling alive and accepting the ebbs and flows of life. Successful businesses understand the value of a healthy workforce to gain the competitive edge in productivity, absenteeism, energy levels, employee health and wellness, and peak performance.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Simple techniques to go from feeling stressed and burnt out to feeling healthy, energetic, present, and balanced
  • Strategies for managing wellness, balance and getting your team to be enthusiastic and engaged
  • An awareness of how a healthy and balanced individual and workforce translates into higher profits and increased productivity
  • The power to make the connection between a healthy body and mind and a healthy work environment
  • Strategies to manage stress in leadership roles linked with simple action items to create calm in the midst of busy lives

Transcending Loss: Re-Awakening to Life

Life dealt you a raw hand when tragedy struck. Listen to the story of Sandy’s sudden loss of her husband at age 30. Do we dig deep or give up – thinking that life just won’t get better? The lessons learned and choices made in these moments when the unthinkable happens can redirect our life journey forever. Let’s take a walk together and leave this session with a renewed mindset. This topic is a popular keynote for a wide variety of business conferences and special interest groups since we all go through hardship. Start your conference off by inspiring your audience to stand strong and move to even greater victories.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Strategies to regain strength, and rebuild your life
  • Redefining your life goals, success, and happiness
  • An ongoing support network for your own healing journey
  • Regaining a strong mindset for picking up the pieces and making life beautiful again

From Big Dream to Reality: Aligning Passion and Creativity to Turn Ideas into Successful Ventures

You know there is something more that is ready to launch but you can’t identify the details. I ignite business owners, management, entrepreneurs, and private groups to become energized and inspired leaders, visionaries, and flourishing individuals. This topic is for anyone who is ready to take the leap to the next level of success and fulfillment. Maybe you even feel like you’ve lost your way as a strong leader or feel that personal nudge to make your dreams into action steps. This topic will light the fire and set you on the right path.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Clarity and actionable steps for increasing profits and team unity
  • Company goals that are aligned with your passion, purpose, and creativity
  • An awareness of the old habits and the old mindsets that stop you from bringing your A-game

Optimized Pricing & Negotiations: Capture Profits You’re Leaving on the Table

Take a look at mindsets and practices that have kept you from maximizing your profits and bottom line success. This session provides insights and a roadmap for restructuring pricing and taking negotiation skills to levels that match your expertise. Discover where you are missing margins and gain confidence in your worth to ask for more.

Key takeaways/outcomes:

  • Removal of limiting beliefs and confidence busters about the value you bring to your clients
  • Understanding of the buyer, the deal, and buying signals – learn new skills to minimize discounting
  • Fine-tune pricing structures for your business to gain more profits
  • Market clarity – your pricing compared to your competition – gaining the value-add mindset

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