Three Keys to Unlock Your Unapologetic Approach

All of us want to live a life where we feel free, confident, and loving what we do.  We know that our inner spirit needs to live a life that is fully aligned with our beautiful, yet imperfect, self.

However, most of the people I know, live a life that is smaller than what they require to be happy and to flourish. Why is that?

In the Unapologetic Approach, we look at several of the factors that hold us back and keep us stuck.  We make a commitment to move beyond, to rise above, and to step up and elevate our own game and our own life accordingly.

What is the Unapologetic Approach?

As humans, we are taught from a young age to be “well mannered.”  For some, this leads them to a point where they are apologizing constantly. When we accidentally walk across the path of someone, we say, “Oops, I’m sorry.” When, in reality, we walked across each other’s path.

Is it possible that we’re apologizing too much? We don’t want to get into people’s way or make them feel uncomfortable. Might this be the root cause of why we’re playing it small in every area of our lives?

Have you ever considered asking:

  • What will happen if I become a bit more unapologetic?
  • What will happen if I remain kind and compassionate, happy, and loving, yet stand my ground on another beautiful level?

Being mindful of your needs is the cornerstone of living with an unapologetic approach.

Unlock your Unapologetic Approach with Three Simple Keys

Living an unapologetic life is an important key to becoming your true authentic, beautiful self where you flourish on all levels.

Here are some ideas to consider on what an unapologetic approach might look like for you.

Key #1 – Know when to Apologize

First, let’s address the need to apologize. When we hurt others, or when we do something wrong or unlawful, it is wise and right to apologize.

But what about those other times…

  • when you feel like you are inconveniencing someone;
  • when your opinions are different from what others think;
  • when your actions make others feel uncomfortable.

When you find yourself apologizing for being your true self, it’s crazy-making at best! Society has taught us to fit in, to conform, to go with the flow. As a result, we allow everyone around us to control us and lead us down paths that we ultimately know are not for us.

Take action:  Be mindful of what you have been apologizing for. Decide which apologies can go to the “Unnecessary Apologies” box.

Quit apologizing for stepping into your full capacity.

Key #2 – Dial Back into your Dreams

Sometimes we focus so much on the need to “people please”, and to apologize, that we stop taking the important actions toward our passions and our aligned dreams.

What would you be doing if you were…

  • stepping into your full capacity;
  • living your passion;
  • focusing on your success and your profit areas?

All our old fears and opinions of what others think and need from us, steal our dreams of what our lives, our work, and our relationships might look like.

Take action: Dial back into your dreams for your life despite the uncertainty of stepping into something new.

Key #3 – Find your Unapologetic Freedom

There is a new freedom that comes from not having to apologize for how we make people feel when we are doing our best work. Remember, this is different than the need to apologize when we have done wrong.

Imagine the freedom you could find when…

  • you embrace being unapologetic for the perfect individual you are on the inside;
  • you quit apologizing for all the areas that people think are off according to their opinions and judgments, and how they live their lives;
  • you watch the miracles, the serendipities, the magic transform every single element of your life.

Take action:  Embrace your commitment to living with your new unapologetic approach as an action call that enables you to step into your full capacity.

Raise your Awareness of Living on your new Unapologetic Approach

Be intentional in observing all the times that people say they’re sorry when there was no need to do so. Start to notice all the times you say you’re sorry when there was no need to do so.

As you start living with your new unapologetic approach, you will become more aware, more centered, more grounded, and more confident. Your health improves, your self-esteem improves, every single element of your life comes into full focus. Isn’t that the most amazing and thrilling result you could ever imagine?

Become unapologetic, and embrace your brilliant, amazing, magical approach and watch your life, your thoughts, your actions, your decisions, and every single area of your life improve.