Catapult your Dreams in 2020

As we come to the end of 2019, and, in fact, the end of a decade, many leaders and entrepreneurs start reflecting on how this past year has gone. We look back on the decade and think about how we should plan appropriately for the coming year. I’ve seen many themes for 2020. One that is particularly popular is an amazing and perfect play on words – 2020 vision!

I would like to invite you to start thinking beyond your vision. It seems to me that many of my clients and customers have been envisioning and dreaming for quite some time. So, for 2020 and beyond, it’s time to move forward and take action on your vision.

How do we get out of visioning mode and into catapulting our dreams? How do we align our actions to create quantum leaps in our success and profits? 

Here are five quick tips on how to catapult your life, and your professional path in 2020 and beyond.

Take time to reflect

Sometimes our lives change and with it, our goals change too. Reflect on these questions to help you get clarity on what you might allow to shift so that you can get into catapulting mode.

  • What were my greatest victories?
  • What were my greatest challenges?
  • In which areas did I get stuck?
  • What are the pieces of my life or my career that weren’t in alignment with what I like to do, or with what resonates with me now?

Start now!

Many people wait until after the holidays or until after the New Year to start thinking about a grand plan. Some even wait until the end of January to start launching something new. There is always an excuse to wait. The truth is, there is never a right time to start. The most successful clients and leaders start executing early versus waiting until a specific date or the “right time.”

Find your Starting Point

It is great to start with a dream. It is ideal to always keep your huge vision and end goal in mind. However, sometimes, we miss the aligned action. Think about your starting point. What are the things you can do, one step at a time, to get to that big dream?

Embrace the magic and have some fun

I fully believe that we should embrace a little bit of magic and serendipity in our lives. If we allow for the unknown or some serendipity to come into our lives, we will find ourselves in a state of wonder. All of a sudden, we see that we can catapult our results. We can skip a few steps. We see that perhaps things don’t have to take as much time or be as hard as we have been conditioned to believe.

We are not trained to allow results, new successes, and new profits to come with joy, ease, and fun. We are conditioned to believe that everything has to come through hard work, working eighty hours a week, and doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Yes, we need to be specific in what our goals are and take aligned action. However, we can do this in two ways.

First, we can go the route of doing the hard work, constantly driving ourselves, giving everything, sacrificing much.  However, this is an old paradigm based on old beliefs. The second and more enlightened path is to consider a new version to expedite results. What if we could flip these old, hard, long paths and say “What could I do to get a new result with joy, ease, and fun?” Consider this for a moment. Try it, test it, and play with this concept. It literally becomes seemingly magical and miraculous when we shift our mindset. All of a sudden, opportunities start opening to us. People are willing to come alongside us and help. We move to receiving-mode versus I-have-to do-it-myself mode.

Shortlist your goals and your action steps

To stay the course, consider picking only your top 3-5 goals and action steps. I’ve seen many people making a list of 10-15 items. They then become frustrated and wonder why they didn’t get ahead or didn’t accomplish their goals. When we have too many goals, we start “zero” of them. The goals are too daunting and too wide. The result is that we delay taking action or stall out completely. Pick the top 3-5 goals only and be 100 % committed to aligning your actions to make those a reality in 2020 and beyond.

Your New Year’s Invitation

Many years ago, I took a key decision that has helped me to grow my business. I got involved in a peer group of leaders and entrepreneurs who could support me on my journey.

Does this concept resonate with you? I have been a mastermind peer group facilitator for five years, and I invite you to reach out to me for a 30-minute free call. You will discover whether you might be a good candidate for my high-level leaders and entrepreneurs mastermind group that is forming in 2020.

I have seen amazing shifts made by past and current group members. They have grown their businesses because this peer group supports their path and understands their journey.

Do you need a confidential group that will be your cheerleader and that will be right alongside you helping you every step of the way?  It is your time! Please reach out and let me know how I can be a part of your journey.

I look forward to hearing about all of your successes in 2020 and beyond.

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