Untethering from the BS Permanently

Today, it’s time to untether the B.S. permanently! Most of us have one thing in mind when we say “B.S.” Correct? However, what I’m referring to when I say we’re “untethering the B.S.”, is a little different… I’m talking about our Back Stories – those crazy or untrue stories that we believe for ourselves. What is your backstory that you are dragging along from your past? Studying your past can provide huge clues for your present and future life. However, that past is adding weight to our backpack. It’s likely that 90% of our backstories have been inflated or fabricated. They may have been true at one time, and they’re no longer true or relevant. Which of your Back Stories no longer serves you? Which of those stories are holding you back, tying you to stuck points?

The Old Normal is no Longer Available

I’m sure you have also noticed that the world, your energy, your thoughts, and your passions have shifted dramatically in these times. Our lives, as we knew them, are no longer available anyway. Is that all bad?  Certainly not! This is your time to step in to step up, and up-level! Take some risks so that those B.S. stories that you are telling yourself can be unleashed and left behind. Today, I invite you to untether your Back Story forever. Let’s unravel the B.S. that’s holding you back. Here are three key steps that will help you step into your full capacity.

Key #1 – Honor your Back Story

The first key is to honor those stories that created this beautiful version of your present self. Does this sound like a paradox? Why should you honor something that is holding you back? Well, there is a difference between honoring or respecting your old stories, and allowing them to be your reason for not living in a flourishing state of mind. Our past includes our successes, tragedies, and failures. These circumstances have all contributed to who we are today. It is important to honor the wisdom we may have gained from living our life. Once we pay respect to our past and the lessons taught, we are ready and brave enough and able to receive the new.  These new paths are brilliant, aligned, and are where we can make miracles and magic happen. Are you ready for this new platform where you can receive your full capacity?

Key Strategy: Say out loud: “Thank you, Back Story. I am grateful for the lessons you have taught me, but now I’m moving forward, starting this moment. I’m taking the first step to receive the new opportunities and the full capacity of who I am. I’m willing to make brave moves and to finally break free from my past. I am ready to untether the B.S. that is holding me back.”

Key #2 – Take time to Reflect

The second key is to spend time in reflection. This could mean something different for each person. Do what works best for you. Maybe it’s journaling, sitting quietly, or meditation. For some, this could even mean counseling to clear up some of those old patterns. Potentially it might be a combination of all these things. You don’t have to take deep dives and change everything radically. I believe that simple strategies can get us into fast-recovery mode.

Key Strategy: You’re invited to adopt one of my favorite mantras: “Simple works, complicated doesn’t.” Start with small, workable, do-able goals. Keep going every day. We all have 5-10 minutes in our day to start with a morning reflection. Write down a few thoughts and intentions for the day.  Try it for 30 days. Studies show it takes 30 days to create a new change in our lives.

Key #3 – Examine your Intentions

The third and final key relates to our intentions. Where our mind goes, our lives go. This concept applies to our relationships, our professional careers, and in the opportunities presenting themselves to us. The key to becoming aware of our intentions is to focus on the path of our desires.  Some might say, “I don’t know what my desires are.” That’s why we take time to journal and reflect. Another important area that is linked to our intentions, is to sanitize our internal narrative. Yes, this is a process, and we will need to be mindful of to create the change. When you find yourself saying “I don’t want to gain weight, I don’t want to fail at my job, I don’t want to lose my job, I don’t want to start a new business, because I’m scared,” just remember that all of those “don’ts” will be your reason, and your excuse, for not moving forward. Our intentions and our passions come into full alignment when we spend time going into our inner spirit, into our inner soul.

Key Strategy: Set your intentions daily. Make sure that you are the protector and guard of your own mind and your self-talk.

Reach out for Support

If this message resonates with you, this is your chance. It is now, it is yours for the taking. What will you do in this moment? Are you brave enough to take the leap? I would love to hear what is on the other side of trying these three simple keys to untethering your B.S. permanently. If you are seeking more support, I advise strongly that you find a counselor, a business coach, executive coach, a leadership coach, or an accountability partner. This person can walk with you, shoulder to shoulder on your journey to happiness, freedom, and profitability. When prospects are considering my executive and leadership coaching services, I always tell them, “If it’s not me, hire a coach. If we align, I’d be happy to work with you. If not, go find another talented coach!”  There are many people who will align with your spirit, your soul, and your goals. Good coaches can help you expedite your successes in your relationships, in your personal lives, and in your careers.
If you are seeking support, please reach out. I’m happy to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation. I believe in you, I can see the fire in you! Let’s do this now!

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